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All people are surrounded by a thought atmosphere. . . Through this force we’re either drawing in or forcing back. Like draws in like and…we draw in exactly what we are in mind.

The law of attraction, or what I refer to as resonance manifestation, is the principle by which you draw into your life that which is in vibrational alignment with your awareness; your thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes, whether you’re mindful of them or not.

This is why the starting point on the road to successfully and deliberately manifesting your desires is to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are producing your experience and to take responsibility for your reality.

Accepting responsibility for your life without judgment is both empowering and liberating. When you understand that you’re source not subject of your existence, you are able to modify it.

To apply the law of attraction successfully you will be required to become conscious of what‘s happening inside, and
with these Law Of Attraction Books you will be aware of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that are what’s creating the boundaries of your experience.

Bob Proctor Quotes With Inspirational Music

Bob Proctor Quotes With Inspirational Music

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Mind Movies To Help You Fulfill Your Ideal Lifestyle

It is easy enough to tell someone to “think positive” and assume that they will be able to do just that after experiencing the worst bad luck for that day, but there is a way to try and focus on those positive thoughts without having to struggle to dig them up from the recesses of your mind. Mind movies are literally what their name describes them to be, movies of your mind that can positively make an impact in your life by injecting that much needed positive boost you need.

The 2006 film “The Secret”, based on the same titled book, promotes the concept of the Law of Attraction as something that people should try to incorporate into their daily lives. By controlling thoughts to be positive when it comes to focusing on life, the positive energy is ultimately released to influence positive chances. In other words, you will actually encounter the right kind of people or be in the “right place at the right time” in every situation, thereby significantly improving your life with more positive results in all of your ventures.

This type of positive thinking requires heavy concentration to remain focused on those positive thoughts. If one wants to send out the exact, well targeted thoughts to the universe, he or she must be well in tune with what exactly the ideal concept of life is in his or her mind’s eye.

For some individuals it is very hard to keep a distinct vision on their minds that fully emphasizes their desires for their ideal life. This is where mind movies are useful, as these can help to literally create a visual version of the exact concept that one is hoping his or her life will become.

A mind movie will ultimately keep the vision of a perfect life distinct, detailed, and solidly imprinted in one’s mind as he or she already knows what the ultimate goal looks like. For example, the house that one aims to have someday, or the car that is perfect in one’s mind, these need mental pictures to be manifested into positive thoughts that can be sent out as a beacon to the universe and steer that magnetic attraction towards the sender.

With the busy lives that many people lead, there is rarely any time to actually sit down, breathe deeply, and meditate on one’s ultimate positive life goals. By having the images of a mind movie clearly set and saved for future reference, even the most forgetful and scattered mind can be guided to remember the ultimate purpose that all this positive thinking has been designed for, and one can send out those positive images to the waiting universe and just watch the answers to begin revealing themselves naturally.

When you want to change your circumstances for the better, mind movies can assist you to form an image of what that circumstances will look like. You can learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it operates by visiting the website at today.

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