Joe Vitale Reveals Napoleon Hill Secret

Joe Vitale of the movie, The Secret, reveals that Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was actually a sales letter. Where did Hill reveal the real formula to success? UPDATE: According to Wikipedia… “In 1937, author Napoleon Hill published his book Think and Grow Rich which went on to become one of the best selling books of all time, selling over 60 million copies. In this book, he discusses the importance of controlling your own thoughts in order to achieve success, as well as the energy that thoughts have and their ability to attract other thoughts. In the beginning of the book, Napoleon Hill mentions a “secret” to success, and promises to indirectly describe it at least once in every chapter of the book. It is never named directly for he says that discovering it on one’s own is far more beneficial. Many people have argued over what the secret actually is, with some arguing that it was the Law of Attraction.” I agree.

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23 Responses to “Joe Vitale Reveals Napoleon Hill Secret”

  1. ryanbiddulph says:

    Great point Joe. As good as TAGR was The Laws Of Success was even more impressive and helped me to become more successful.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Ryan Biddulph

  2. geniusoftheworld says:

    EVERYONE, he does use the term “law of attraction”, when he’s talking about how salesman use their sex energy, TO attract people to buy their products.

  3. DannySayChow says:

    omg this is exactly what i needed to see. I just ordered the book ‘Laws of Success in 16 lessons’ when I found out that that was actually his main work after having read ‘think and grow rich’ 4 times and took notes as well. Thanks Joe

  4. bxgetup183 says:

    thank you..

  5. JoeMrFire says:

    Read the UPDATE in description area for further details about LOA in TGR.

  6. JoeMrFire says:

    Read the UPDATE in description area for further details about LOA in TGR.

  7. phlppnc says:

    think and grow rich a sales letter? no secret? hahahaha! also, hill does NOT mention the law of attraction in think and grow rich.

  8. ashams22 says:

    Thank you Joe, your a true gentleman!

  9. ThinChoices says:

    Thanks Joe.
    I agree. Laws of Success is the “juice”.
    Jill Fleming, author of “Eat to Beat The Flu”

  10. jerktrucker says:

    Thank you for the info.

  11. tjg2008 says:

    The bible is the most popular book in the world and the most sold in the world every year. Think and grow rich is a form of self worship circumvents the only salvation and redemption that is given to man through repentance from sin and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ. The devils hand book of self redemption. Every knee shall bow to Christ Jesus even you.

  12. Sebastian1633 says:

    Think And Grow Rich is easier to assimilate, and by no means is a sales letter. When I see people like this I can’t help to say: The only people whose words I trust nowadays are those of Bob Proctor, Richard Bandler, and Ross Jeffries. No Quarrel with you Mr Vitale.

  13. celticbhoy14 says:

    I think their is a secret in the pages of this book and that secret is “DESIRE”, .People who make money have a Subconscious conviction ie DESIRE to do so they have convinced their Subconscious through this Mechanism of DESIRE that they will be wealthy and once the Subconscious believes it manifestation begins

  14. robert2957 says:

    Where does Napoleon Hill use the expression “Law Of Attraction” in the book “Think And Grow Rich”.? I cannot find it in there either in my own copy or using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.

  15. Buck54577 says:

    Think and Grow Rich is more easier to understand.

  16. trnoey says:

    The was great and I have both Think And Grow Rich And The Law Of success and it works.

  17. daveavalon says:

    Dr Vitale is a hypnotist, notice the way he raises his voice on different words. great sales man, arguably the greatest.

  18. jayangli says:

    am not so sure, cos there is many people that have read think grow rich and became successful probably without reading hills other books. But i aint going to argue with Joe cos i think u gota keep learning

  19. lafemmerusse says:

    Thank you very much, Joe.

  20. TonyRush says:

    Great review and perspective, Joe. I find that a great many people who love and recommend TAGR have actually never read — or even discovered — “The Laws of Success”, the larger work on which TAGR is based.

    Incidentally — and just as an aside — I cannot find where Hill ever used the term “law of attraction” in any of his works. I know there are several edited versions of his book available so it’s possible it’s just not in any of mine.

  21. BennyBeckman says:

    you can read it for free online just google:

    Napoleon Hill laws of success

  22. dances1999 says:

    Dr Vitale is correct with mentioning the “Laws of Success” (2 books). A lot more information about attracting success in all categories. Here is a comment:
    Let us keep in mind the fact that all success is based upon power, and power grows out of knowledge, that has been organized and expressed in terms of ACTION.

    As DR Vitale says “The Universe likes Speed”, (take action)!

  23. emta3z says:

    Your the man Joe! love you! Thank you!

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