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You may have heard it said, “That which you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” This is a basic premise of the best-selling Law of Attraction book called, “The Secret.” Since its publication in 2006, this volume has opened the eyes of the world to the potential and possibilities of creating one’s reality through certain tried and true techniques.

This Law of Attraction isn’t something new but has been a natural, always-in-operation Law of the Universe since Creation. It’s as consistent and unyielding as the Law of Gravity… Always there and always in operation affecting the energies of the world and beyond. The secret is to discover it workings and harness them to your advantage.

Down through the ages, those who have been aware of the workings of this Law have been the biggest achievers and had the most impact on history as we know it. For most of that time this natural law has been known to only a few and the secret of its use has been guarded closely and passed on to only the chosen few. Today the teachings are available to anyone who wants to know and can be learned by studying and applying the material found in this wonderful book.

Many millions have already found the volume, which has been featured on several episodes of the Oprah Winfrey talk show (subsequently sky-rocketing sales of the book). Thousands and more have utilized the teachings to excellent advantage and have shared testimonials to that effect. Many have also tried and failed, or at least not succeeded to the heights of their expectations. The Law of Attraction is not fickle. It works blindly, so to speak, giving everyone equal opportunity to harness its power. For some, it just takes more time and persistence is key.

You’ve probably heard of The Law of ‘Karma’ from the Hindu tradition. If you’re an American, you’re probably familiar with the sayings, “What goes around comes around, ” or, “You get what you give.” This is the Law of Attraction at work. It says that the life in which you find yourself is your own creation, subject to the sum total of your thoughts, desires, expectations and emotions. You create your own reality, and if you’re not happy with what you’ve created so far you can change it for the better.

Every human being on earth is the ‘captain of their own ship’. If the ship is seaworthy, it’s capable of going anywhere the captain wants. He merely needs to choose a destination and make the proper settings and adjustments to put the vessel in motion. Life is like that. “The Secret” provides that charts, maps, steering mechanism and power source to make this journey successfully.

Of course, the Law of Attraction, just like the Law of Gravity, doesn’t play favorites. Your thoughts and emotions are magnetic energies that influence everything and everyone around you. Whether or not you know it or believe it, what you think about consistently and with strong feeling will manifest into your reality. It’s automatic.

The trick is to learn how to guide these thoughts and emotions to best use. You really CAN achieve anything you can conceive and believe, so why not create the highest and the best with these awesome creative abilities? That’s what this Law of Attraction book is designed to help you do. Check it out!

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