How to attract Money & Abundance? Law of Attraction interview with Michael Losier

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24 Responses to “How to attract Money & Abundance? Law of Attraction interview with Michael Losier”

  1. bpartoens says:

    Thanks for this wonderful video.?

  2. 13teres says:

    @Saxxylu if you feel your work like burden why don,t you change for work which is more aligned with your true self.Maybe? you need to find out what you really would love to do.Why did you select to work as a nurse?

  3. attractionlaw1 says:

    I seriously benefit from your video post submit. Aside from the intriguing website, this video that may be examine straight to these
    website is impressing. I purchase several essential subject matter throughout the pursuing which can’t be seen in just about any
    web sites.? Appreciate presentation this amazing site. I love the idea.

  4. Saxxylu says:

    I have a question…I’m a nurse and how would you apply the law of attraction in your day when you’re surrounded by patients who are sick, dying, family yelling at you for not doing things properly…how do you explain people who have been robbed or victimized….the vibes can be so strong, how can one apply the law of attraction to get out of this state and start feeling free from these burdens of life? Thank you lilou.? I somehow was attracted to your channel x)

  5. hooperqi says:

    @Brightwarrior Great saying? from Bashar if it makes you feel good. If you don’t believe it and it brings out negative emotion then it’s not effective given where you are at that point in time. In other words, what kind of a vibration is Bashar’s statement creating for you? It’s all about vibration and how you feel that determines what you attract. This is what Michael is saying.

  6. Brightwarrior says:

    @Brightwarrior I want to add? I do enjoy your wisdom and enthusiasm. Thank you.

  7. Brightwarrior says:

    All this desire for freebies makes me think… miser. Bashar said something? I like about abundance. I’ll share it with you: I have the means to do anything I want anytime I want. I like it because I’m not looking outward for my desires to be met but knowing and affirming it is me. I like independence.

  8. blueshambles says:

    Lilou you certainly have abundance of sheer beautify and? love about you.

    Such brimming joy in this video talking about the M word,, whao!! Thank you two!!!!

  9. thethirdq says:

    What a great channel! I can tell? you spent some time on your video and really respect that. Hope you enjoy mine

  10. MissDutchGirl says:

    PS… you two are so much? fun to listen too..

  11. MissDutchGirl says:

    Lilou Thank you for asking the questions I needed to ask.. and Michael Thank? you for the answers i needed to hear..

  12. gringofxo says:

    ? liloumace I love you!!!

  13. Johaliha says:

    Fabulous, thankyou!?

  14. ichoose2bhappy says:

    I like you two in this interview. Ha Ha :) I never use the word money to attract it. I sing a little song. I am prosperous. I am very prosperous. All day long I’m prosperous. I am very prosperous.? All day and all night I am very prosperous. I am very prosperous. I am very prosperous. Works every time and it does bring all types of prosperity. Shift your focus.

  15. JLXANDER says:

    also re: a low bank account– What you have? to do is completely ignore it. Erase the number from your mind, forget about it… know you have one, but act like you’ve never looked the balance. THEN start your attraction as he said.. imagine it as a clean white, orderly account that’s about to be filled, then as Tinkerbell said, “Just hold that happy thought, Peter!” lol Then most importantly, FORGET it. Go on about OTHER things, tell yourself u never purposely manifested anything, what is that?

  16. JLXANDER says:

    Regarding the use of the word ‘money’– This makes sense.. if you? think about it, stable, wealthy people DONT TALK ABOUT “MONEY”.. they say “we are well off” or something to that effect, never a number…. it’s not just a matter of manners….. :)

  17. AthenaMarina2 says:


  18. SPATEL1982 says:

    Great interview Michael! Thanks for the great advice? and tips! =)

  19. SPATEL1982 says:

    Thank you lilou for this wonderful upload and for your enthusiasm and playfulness which awesome! Much love and abundance to you! =) ?

  20. kluetenkloeter says:

    Was? für ein unglaublicher Schwachsinn…

  21. JSantana319 says:

    I have to keep score of what I’m attracting. I attracted free samples of christmas santa ice cream, sweet ham, and crackers with berry dip. Also, I attracted a penny while walking to work which? I thanked the universe for. The word Abundance has become one of my favorite words. We definitely have to take money out of the equation in order to ask for what we want. I also made a goal to sale a laptop and within 2 days I sold it :) The customer was from the same country I’m from and we’re friends.

  22. jordan13758 says:

    Thank you? Michael and Lilou. I now feel very ABUNDANT. I just got a free workshop on abundance through listening to your interview. Yeah! :)

  23. MrSteviesax says:

    Much Love? Lilou! Get Abundant!

  24. MrSteviesax says:


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