Law of Attraction Meditation. (Free meditation info on my blog: This Law of Attraction meditation guides you through a deeply relaxing meditation that will activate the law of attraction in your life so that you will more easily attract all the things you wish for. Law of attraction in action. The law of attraction meditation. Law of attraction the Secret. Law of attraction love. Law of attraction money. If you have seen ‘The Secret’ or read any of the Abraham teachings, or if you simply want to know how to make the law of attraction work for you, you will be in tune with this. It is about 8 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it! Jo x In case you are new to the law of attraction, it’s all about imagining what you want as if you already have it, feeling the emotions it brings you – for instance how would you feel if instead of debts you had 6-figures in the bank? Really get into the feeling of having that. However, you then need to allow whatever it is you want into your life – it’s very easy to let the reality of our actual situation to block the flow. So, doing this meditation is one way to help that flow. Another is to say to yourself things like ‘I’m in a better financial (or whatever) situation than many others. I have the talents to improve my finances. I can certainly see it’s possible to be better off.’ In other words. nothing overly positive and unrealistic, just a gentle moving towards your dreams. You basically need to say things

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24 Responses to “LAW OF ATTRACTION MEDITATION – Guided Meditation”

  1. ginita71 says:


  2. megatron197484 says:

    great video?

  3. dlm99978 says:

    thank u sooo much i feel much? more energized and much healthier than before

  4. megatron197484 says:

    u say thank the univers but could u thank god which is the same? to me?

  5. cybil145 says:

    I watched this today and did the excercise, had a very powerful experience. I used this meditation to show my gratitude to the universe, and to aid someone in my life who needs help. Thank? you for making this, I really felt the energies around me while I did this, felt the universe working through me, felt the energy being sent to my friend. It was awesome!

  6. bortelliM says:

    The Greatest Scientific Explanation. The Spirit Lives! HEAVENLY FATHER HAS APPEARED AND HE WALKS AMONG US. Only the Creator Himself can reveal His vision as His own. All He reveals in his gift to humanity..// watch LA PAROLA IN CUATRO and merge with the greatest pronouncement and the highest science. Watch and? rejoice..! it is He!! @ La Parola In Cuatro.

  7. TheMonicashaz says:

    I’m in love? with meditation! Bless you

  8. Luisa8783 says:

    I give thanks also for my choice to study languages? that makes me able to understand everything you said even if I’m Italian…-
    Thank you! I feel better now .. I’m going to do this every morning before going to work…. Bye

  9. MsLogik408 says:

    I give thanks to you? :)

  10. leann040497 says:

    Thank you, Ever since i have started mediating i feel really different! im only 14 but this makes me feel so much more relaxed and like a can do anything i put my mind to, gain everything i want and just believe in myself now so? thank you :)

  11. justinjosey922 says:

    i felt the greatest feeling of joy and belief than i have ever felt in my life. this is the day the lord? hath made i will rejoice and be glad in it!

  12. toknjitza says:

    Simply Amazing. This? Will change my life. Thank you.

  13. AkumaxTamashii says:

    while I was trying to meditate to this last night I was hearing somthing odd. I think somthing was trying to talk to me but I couldnt make it out at all, like somthing out of the corner of your eye that disapears when you look in that direction, it would stop if I tried to make it out. I’m not sure what I’m asking for but I? hope someone can give me an answer.

  14. shardennefroider says:

    Hi – I’d just watched something else (to do with music) and really felt the buzz of “alignment” and then your video followed so I stayed in that place of feeling that life can feel great sometimes however not great current circumstances might be. No drugs, booze or medication etc – just using thoughts to find the? better feelings. Much *appreciation* for it!

  15. thethirdq says:

    You are definitely a Third Q kind of person. I had to say hi!?

  16. Justshutup14 says:

    thank you? so much :)

  17. myyy215 says:

    thank? you

  18. TheGuidedMeditations says:

    @alexShine41? Thank you! x

  19. TheGuidedMeditations says:

    @bhr702 My pleasure,? thank you for the comment

  20. bhr702 says:

    Wonderful-thank? you!

  21. alexShine41 says:

    much love and gratitude?

  22. TheGuidedMeditations says:

    @dsuhar Thank you! Your comment is? really appreciated.

  23. dsuhar says:

    affirmations! yes and yes!? thank you! =] much gratitude!

  24. TheGuidedMeditations says:

    @JackieEco Thank you, so? glad you liked it!

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