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Can Bob Proctor Help You Think And Grow Rich

  How did Bob Proctor go from making $4000 to $175,000 in just ONE year? And then in a short time later making millions? In 1961, Bob Proctor was working at a fire house in Canada making $4000 a year. The problem was he was $6000 in debt. He would have to work an entire [...]


Joe Vitale Reveals Napoleon Hill Secret

Joe Vitale of the movie, The Secret, reveals that Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ was actually a sales letter. Where did Hill reveal the real formula to success? UPDATE: According to Wikipedia… “In 1937, author Napoleon Hill published his book Think and Grow Rich which went on to become one of the best [...]


The Law Of Attraction, Should You Rely On It?

The law of attraction has made its way into popular culture thanks to the movie “The Secret”. But is it really enough to get what you want out of life?


The Amazing Benefits Of The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction has been recently gained the prime position among widely discussing topics. What is law of attraction? That is the question most of the people asking today. It is a fact that the human thoughts in their conscious and unconscious can influence the chances of fulfilling their desires. That is our chance to satisfy our wishes depends on the intensity of our desire. We can see hinds of the theory in many ancient scriptures and orations. To day it is not mere talk but an established scientifically proved truth.