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25 Responses to “Law of Attraction Emotional Freedom Technique”

  1. tbel1ma says:

    What the heck you meant are if sm I for real? What is that suppose to meant?

  2. poohpoohcaca says:

    @tbel1ma r u for real

  3. yohitman says:

    I’ll make a song about this one day :)

  4. TheJacquiw says:

    wicked vids david ,am really loving your vids !!!! great work !!!

  5. tezamysticangel says:

    your lovely voice reminds me of STEWART WILDE!! thanks a lot for your wisdom!

  6. haldenby07 says:

    Hi there Dave thank you so much for showing me these techniques. have already worked wonders for me I watch all of your lessons and practice them aswell, Your the man

  7. josepolo950 says:

    thats a really great story!!!your cat is psychic!!! IM really pleased for you!!

  8. josepolo950 says:

    yes you are right this is gold dust!!!I have tried to introduce some people who I believe would greatly benefit from this taping and I was told that I am mad!!!!what a shame@
    at least many people are following DAVID
    Keep the tapping yourselves!!!!

  9. clarknet22 says:

    Tap until you drop. put as much effort into the tap alongs as you all did your negativity. Each of Davids videos are pure gold. You will get out of them what you put into them. Tap persistently and doggedly and you will reap all the benefits. These videos ROCK. And so does EFT.

  10. clarknet22 says:

    I look forward every day to tapping along with David. Its amazing how this technique works. Thanks for making a difference in my life. And good luck to every one else who uses EFT. May your days be happy and prosperous.

  11. tbel1ma says:

    Thank you David. i started to do this yesterday and I fot a good night sleep. Now,I need to work on bringing a job to me.Could that be possible doing this. Thanks David and God Bless you.

  12. Thornesss says:

    Life is meant to be good =D

    Or atleast the definition of the word good =/

  13. mpresev says:

    been doing this for 4 weeks now.. I’m more blissful

  14. northsmile says:

    David, thanks for your wonderful videos, which our whole family has been using. We discovered this great video when our cat suddenly jumped up on the keyboard and it switched to this video – talk about positive results! Many blessings to you and yours as you share this wisdom.

  15. mpresev says:

    David, I notice that everybody is more nicer to me..

  16. callumdrum400 says:

    cheers bro bless you ifeel much better.

  17. Ahbelina says:

    I love the dog story. thank you for reminding that we have choice. Om Shanti

  18. cj32168 says:

    you are so sweet

  19. furbachione says:

    Thank you David for helping many of us and for sharing your positivity and good energy.

  20. rocklee302 says:

    Great video i have been practicing this video for 3 weeks now and love it! thank you david!

  21. rocklee302 says:

    thank you david. you are an inspiration to us all:)

  22. junyang84 says:

    Inspiring Video! It ring a bell in my head the moment i seen it, well, i hope to share some equally inspiring video as well the official law of attraction com freeaudio its cool!

  23. jkum01 says:

    Well presented. I see accutapping working rightaway.

  24. blackwaterboy says:

    I’ve tried this the past two nights and do feel ‘lighter’ afterwards. Today at work I did feel pretty stressed /anxious and a particular health prob I have flared up, but I wonder if that’s a sort of detox process? Anyway, I’ll keep tapping!

  25. bar7pm says:

    What you say is true my friend. I have discovered myself that the feelings and thoughts we expel not only return to us, but also weave our future. It is all a choice, as you say, and may the universe bless you also for making the choice to share wealth for those who choose to see it.

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