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25 Responses to “Law of Attraction in Five Minutes or Less”

  1. pbag26 says:

    Though I have seen results,I still am a skeptic. I wrote down that I wanted a house, a car, a personal computer,and several cellular phones in 2 years time. When I wrote that down I had just graduated, had no job and didn’t know where to look for one. I now have all of those, only the house wasn’t paid in cash. Allin the same 2 years.

  2. hydrolito says:

    Thinking your rich doesn’t mean your rich and if you spend money you don’t have you’ll be in debt in a hurry. You need to figure out what you can afford and live within your means and save money in case soething goes wrong as people sometimes need Doctors, houses need to be fixed and cars repaired. You can’t always get job you want so you have to keep looking at what you can do and work at getting a job until you find one.

  3. TinkinUK2007 says:

    I truly believe in the law of attraction. Every thought that I think must always be positive coz I want a good successful life…
    I always look to learn something new everyday.

  4. DerrenBrown100 says:

    Religions are false. Miracles dont happen!!!! Have you ever seen a limb grow back? I think not!

  5. bootylicious90100 says:

    if somebody is far away can the law of attraction work if you believe the same thing

  6. Forkroute says:

    You know.. your poetry is shit.
    Planing is not “the secret”

  7. reck860 says:

    @Forkroute It opens your eyes to what you need to acquire to gain what you want. It’s like if you think about a certain car you will start seeing them everywhere. If you think about how you want to build your business, you will find things or ways to get to the end goal. To me it is planning what you want out of life, seeing it as it comes to you, and moving on it because you know you need that to create your end goal.

  8. sherlock17783 says:

    Things don’t happen overnight but constant positive thoughts attract positive things coming your way that lead you to what you want. You’re actually opening your mind to all ways to reach that goal when thinking positively, a book, a movie or a person that helps you get what you desire.

  9. Xx12d5g says:

    I agree with the above video.Believing strongly in the favourale aspects of life can only be good.
    Although I hate the terms Possitive-Negative being used in human emotions
    why cant people just say that they AGREE or DISAGREE

  10. MrHappy017 says:

    You should really make videos that aren’t so vague or say that your going over the basis of your subject, not telling the definition.

  11. TheDarkflags says:


    The Law of Attraction is supported by Quantum Physics, Jesus Christ actually existed. What’s not to believe?

  12. 100kInternetIncome says:

    Why are all the non believers bothering to comment on this video .They are just proving the law of attraction

    I apply it .i think i am rich so i am .i think my business is the best online business and it is.

    Oh i also take massive action as well as focusing on what i do want !

  13. BzDentist says:

    I believe in the Law of Attraction. The people who don’t believe in the Law of Attraction are like those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ. When the pray they expect an overnight Miracle. If it doesn’t happen they stop believing.

  14. eclectictllc says:

    @eclectictllc I came up with a great example of this: You’re attracting a parking spot, one of the examples in The Secret. You want one right in front of the place you’re going. You see it, you believe you already have it, you’re grateful for it. If you see a spot on the way and say “this spot’s ‘good enough’” or you never leave the house it won’t work. Same idea for everything – ACTION must follow thought. Drive right up to the front without looking for other spots! Conviction & action!

  15. Forkroute says:

    It’s never 100% because – it’s bullshit.
    There is no “law”, you think positive for motivation, inspect, plan and act.
    No bullshit.
    “The Secret” is even more BS.

  16. eclectictllc says:

    No, it’s not BS — but much of the literature is missing a big important step. Action. If you make NO moves in the direction of what you’re trying to attract, then you don’t really have 100% buy-in on it. It’s technically part of the “Act as if” principle — you ask, you believe, you ACT AS IF, you receive. To put it into a catchy phrase that SHOULD have been in the Secret: “If you’re not taking action, forget the law of attraction.”

  17. Forkroute says:

    Law of Attraction is bullshit,

  18. THEONE0000001 says:

    great video ,we all know, we all want to attract the same thing,MONEY,and true LOVE some say money cant buy love, but it sure can buy happiness! money should come to all of us easily, but we have an interference in universal law, this interference makes it hard for all of us, that interference is (MAN)!!!!

  19. HOPPERFZR says:

    i believe that if you think you can your right and if you think you can’t your also right

  20. VeDeX1 says:

    Hi….I have already tried that before, and yes, it did work for me. I am a member of a “Personal Awareness and Leadership Seminar”.

  21. lungworms says:

    you try your hardest to be like christopher hitchens! lmao

  22. ivanmikhailov says:

    Your theory doesn’t collide with my beliefs–I couldn’t care less about that. It collides with fact just as much as the theories of flat-earthers, or creationists. Your theory is either wrong, or unfalsifiable. If it’s the latter, you’re obligated to admit it’s just as legitimate as a belief in…well, absolutely anything you could possibly dream up.

  23. lungworms says:

    we’re not talking about that shit. im standing up for my belief in a theory. and just because i stick to a certain theory that completely collides with what you believe in, doesnt mean im ignorant about math and the fact that the heart pumps blood.

  24. ivanmikhailov says:

    To say that because something operates a certain way at one level, it must operate this way at a higher level is called the fallacy of composition. If I were to say that because humans are made up of cells that reproduce asexually, that means humans reproduce asexually, I think you’ll see how transparent this fallacy is. The events of this video can be explained much more simply without your hypothesis, and the only thing worse than a discredited hypothesis is an unnecessary hypothesis.

  25. dansimo says:

    I said nothing about “supernatural”. I’m simply saying that the proven and accepted laws of energy, kinetic energy and potential energy, electrical, mechanical, and chemical…and otherwise, are all a part of us and the universe interchangeably. That is indisputable.
    The way we interact within this universal energy is what the law of attraction attends to.
    I think the ‘supernatural’ characteristic was brought on for marketing purposes.

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